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Fabio Inverni was born on 19th March 1968 in Florence. He lives and works in Poggio a Caiano. He is the son of painter Francesco Inverni who, until 1991, taught Decoration and Figure at the Florence Art School. Under his father’s influence Fabio, self taught, developed an innate passion for painting. During his childhood he visited galleries and artistic circles, accompanying his father to various important exhibitions including the 1978 Venice Biennale. Although he experienced art in an “intimate family” sense it was only later that he really approached painting. He attended the “T. Buzzi” Industrial Technical Institute in Prato, taking his diploma in 1988. In 1989 he moved to Rome to work for “Faro Disegni” as a fabric designer. He stayed on until 1991, a year that marked a turning point in his life. His father died young. Inverni’s reaction to this bitter reality was to get into painting. In 1992 he frequented the artists of the historic “Saletta Ambra” in Poggio a Caiano and had his first solo exhibition there the same year. In 1994 he got to know Tommaso Giotti, an influential person on the international art scene who in turn introduced him to the American painter Benini. The latter was to be, and still is, of great importance to Inverni in America. Thanks to Benini he took part in and organized collective and solo shows in various states: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Virginia and California, from 1995 until the 2003 when he was invited to the “Grace Museum” of modern art in Abilene together with six other Italian painters . From 2012 untill now he is in New York and San Francisco. As well as America he has exhibited in Europe (Spain, Belgium, Germany, Swiss, Holland ) and in South America (Chile, Argentina). He has taken part in important fairs and exhibitions in various parts of Italy and his paintings are included in important public and private collections. In 2011 he was invited at the " Biennale of Venice".

Fabio Inverni