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Guo Wen is an emerging, young artist, living in China. He was born in 1982, a member of the generation referred to as ba ling hou - into the 80’s.

He is a graduate of the prestigious Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. Following his study in China, he spent a year in Paris, France where he concentrated on western painting and surrealism.

His works are firmly grounded in the traditional Chinese style shan shui hua, or mountain water paintings. He employs the traditional style used by Song Dynasty artists, painting layer upon layer of oil to create the desired mood, texture and motion. Mountains, trees and rivers are common themes in his work, paying tribute to China’s ancient times and its respected, historical painters.

The artist's oil paintings celebrate the beauty of nature and invite introspection into the role of man in the natural order. His paintings capture the uncertainty of the future. Will nature be preserved or will it be destroyed by man? In some works, man is juxtaposed with nature, often provoking feelings of mystery and romanticism.

Guo Wen believes in the ancient Chinese concept of attainment, the highest realm for human beings. The artist believes that the modern soul is bound by the modern world. This belief is reflected in his paintings, seeking to free the soul and achieve the highest level of human spirituality.

Guo Wen has established a following in the Chinese market through his representation by prestigious galleries in Beijing and Shanghai.

Guo Wen