Gallery Bergelli

The Artistic work which I have practiced since my early teens, has allowed me as an artist to attain a deeper and more sensitive vision of the world and my environment. My professional formation was at the Universidad de Chile and nowadays I’m finishing a post-degree in Art Theory at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

My searching resulted in the landscaping genre, which has captured me since ever. At first, it was a mere admiration towards beauty, mountains, trees, woods, light and shadows, deserts, skies, etc. then I realize that this images represented for me images of the unlimited, the magnificent of nature, same wild as hostile.

While capturing the visions of nature, I pretend to register the unrepeatable instant at the moment of my stare, interpreting it through my memory, reducing the chromatic palette to the minimal expression that the image allows me. I search for the simplicity through scarce elements. Beauty I found in lights and shadow in a minimum of colors, harmonizing those multiple shades that result of its mixture in atmospheres luminous, other profound but always after capturing the essence of the subject.

Maria Fernanda Sierralta

Valparaíso 2013


Maria Sierralta