Gallery Bergelli

Farias paintings show a clear style that is characteristic of his Works, emphasizing diversity within unity of a personal artistic proposal. His artistic approach is abstract. A spontaneous, subconscious improvisation with internal elements about the nature of non material, takes him to express spiritual values in his works. His paintings live by themselves, maintaining a sense of harmony with vital rhythms and solid strong colors, greyish blues and orange yellows. Fariasís paintings are elements that contain the micro cosmos of nature. Observing Marcoís paintings is like going into an empty and lonely stage. The scenery is shown out of its natural order and it turns out in to a light metaphysical reality, in that way, clouds and trees that are sunk in the desolation of an arid landscape, show closed forms similar to those of De Chrico. The trees ascend to make a celestial and an earthly element meet, balancing the horizontal lines of the dry mountains. All the components are articulated through a slight weaving of drawings, soft brushstrokes and pure colors that provide his works a special mysterious atmosphere.

Marco Farias