Gallery Bergelli

Although my work is representational, I am definitely not a photo realist. I try to include much more than just the surface of a place. I want to express my emotions about the subject and to stimulate emotions in viewer.

What makes me respond to, and want to paint a particular subject is a little bit of a mystery to me. There must be something there that strikes a nerve, but I canít generalize about what it is.

Once I decide on a subject, I start photographing it from many angles and at various times a day Ė lighting and shadow configurations, etc. I use the camera Ė but it works for me, I donít work for camera. I donít make paintings of photographs. I take from the photo whatever I feel works toward the mood I am trying to convey. And I leave out the painting to have a life of its own and I am not concerned that someone might point out that the fireplug is out of place or that the building isnít really that color. The painting becomes sort of fantasy of my own invention.

-- Bryn Craig

Bryn Craig