Gallery Bergelli

In my work I try to capture that fragile moment of balance when gravity is defied. That fleeting instant begins with an idea, and is not reconceived or mathematically calculated.
Christiane Lazard

Christiane Lazard’s sculptures are dramatic, filled with poise, grace and integrity. Both structurally and expressively powerful, they satisfy our intuitive grasp of visual order and our wish to identify with specific individuality. Her unique use of balance teases imagination, suggesting the concealed disequilibrium which is inherent in all movement.
George Downing Roberts
Art Historian

Fully in possession of her creative power as a sculptor, Christiane Lazard has produced an impressive body of work that is an outgrowth of the modern constructivist achievement. For all its technical precision, her art is an emotional expression both in motive and execution – graceful and tough, finely balanced and full of energy. Working with materials of her time, bronze, aluminum and steel, she takes geometric shapes and organizes them into machined, painted, polished or finished structures which reflect the twentieth century in a compelling way.

Lazard modifies our perception of the familiar – rectangles, circles and triangles – by presenting them in original or paradoxical arrangements. She explores the complexities inherent in these arrangements with insight, bravado and intelligence, making no effort to disguise or transform them.

The system of geometric elements of which each piece is composed appears to switch from spatial to the structural, and back again, as one views the work. It is in the seamless blending of these systems that one senses the authentic unity of the whole. In all of her pieces, internal flexions and tautenings create a tension that reaches into the space they occupy. Exquisitely poised, adroitly balanced, Christian Lazard’s work demonstrates her mastery of complex forms and relationships.
Ann Seymour
Art Critic

Christiane Lazard